What should you know?

Aberdeen City Educational Psychology Service conducted various types of primary research to ascertain whether BeingMe yielded good results, in terms of positively impacting the current epidemic of spikes in poor mental health and well-being in young people. They conducted:

  1. Focus groups with 318 young people regarding the product itself and their experiences using it. This included two deprivation areas (with Scottish Attainment Challenge Schools).
  2. A trial of BeingMe, with young people from varied deprivation demographics.
  3. Questionnaires were distributed amongst practitioners, parents and young people.
  4. Focus groups/ interviews were conducted with young people.
  5. Data was analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively.


What are the main findings?

88% of practitioners said that BeingMe was very straightforward to use for young people. 




63% of practitioners said that when using BeingMe, young people were very engaged.




75% of practitioners said that the output BeingMe generated was very useful. 25% said useful.



75% of young people said that the privacy of their answers meant they were answering more honestly.




A whopping 100% (Yes! That’s every single practitioner!) said that they would recommend BeingMe to others!



What should you do now?

Click here, to view the full report  and to see even more fantastic results!

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We’d like to thank Aberdeen City Educational Psychology Service for taking the time to carry out and complete such fantastic research. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to propel BeingMe further!